First things first: We're attempting a rare live sports triple play over the next couple of days: Twins/A's Saturday (at least the first five innings or so), Gophers/USC to follow at 2:30, then Vikings/Dolphins at noon. Rocket will be part of this gauntlet as well. If anyone wants to say hi, you know how to get ahold of us. Apropos of nothing: A 60-something gentleman at breakfast today was wearing a white cardigan over a T-shirt bearing a picture of Kathy Griffin. This was not done ironically as far as we can tell. Sorry, we cannot find an image of the T-shirt, but she was pointing at herself in the picture.

Pat Burns: Not dead. "Far [redacted] from it," in fact.

And finally, Darlo passes along a link to a video featuring a good friend of his (the mustachioed fella). This was apparently the winning entry in a "Sing Like A Champ" contest (more info at the link), and the video will be shown at tonight's Twins game. The winners will all be on hand. They also won $5,000. Not bad! Do you like the Twins and mustaches? You should probably watch it.

Enjoy the games!