Fox News reporter Casey Stegall has something to look forward to at the end of his shift covering Hurricane Harvey, thanks to a Galveston, Texas, resident who handed him a six-pack of beer mid-broadcast.

Stegall, while reporting on the hurricane, was interrupted amid the pouring rain by a local woman who handed him a six-pack of Galveston Island Brewing’s Tiki Wheat.

“There you go, just friendly people here,” Stegall said after receiving his surprise gift.

While the generous unidentified woman doesn’t work for the local brewery, Galveston Island Brewing marketing director Charday Van Orstrand called her gesture “southern hospitality at its finest.”

“She did great, our social media is blowing up,” Van Orstrand told TheWrap. “The beer she’s actually holding is Tiki Wheat, which is our flagship beer. She’s sharing the local wealth.”

Van Orstrand had a message for Stegall — for when he’s off his shift: “Drink responsibly, and drink local.”

Stegall also took to Twitter to thank the random act of beer-giving. “You never know who you’ll meet or what will happen, when reporting the news,” he tweeted. “Thanks for the gift (what she gave me, not the tornado alert.)”

“Now that’s what I call a GOOD photo bomb! She was very sweet and even gave me a hug… moment of levity, reporting on serious matters,” Stegall said in a follow-up tweet.