If you are planning to celebrate St. Patrick's Day in style today -- or perhaps if you just find your way into a few too many pints or shots -- Fasolamatt offers this link to hangover fact and fiction. What is myth and what is real? This could change your life for the better. Then again, it could be a little rudimentary for the seasoned veterans out there. From the piece:

To refresh your memory, a hangover includes symptoms of headache, fatigue, nausea and dizziness several hours after an episode of heavy drinking.

A hangover is really the symptoms of acute withdrawal, in which your body reacts to not having a drug in its system anymore, said Krista Medina, assistant professor of psychology at the University of Cincinnati.

Contrary to popular belief, drinking more while hung over is not going to make you feel better, doctors say. In fact, the other home remedies you may turn to, such as greasy food, probably won't work, either.

And if you don't think drinking has anything to do with sports, you obviously haven't watched Nick Brophy of the Hyannisport Presidents try to play hockey. Seriously, Louise left him. What's he supposed to do?