Crews took several days to set up for the last major concert at TCF Bank Stadium, U2's 360 Tour in 2011. / Star Tribune file

Hopefully, we can count on Joe Mauer and Glen Perkins to once again make it to the MLB All-Star Game this season and represent the home team at Target Field, where baseball's big mid-season throwdown is scheduled July 15. But can we also expect another homegrown talent to represent Minnesota across the river at TCF Bank Stadium that weekend?

The Gophers football palace (and temporary Vikings home) will finally host another big music event in the days surrounding the July 15 competition. A press release from Drum Corps International, which usually hosts its annual competition there that weekend, confirmed that its July 12 event has been bumped for "a major concert."

It would be too difficult for Target Field to juggle the logistics of a concert along with its other hosting duties that week (also including the Home Run Derby on July 14), and the Bank makes the obvious backup choice. The Gophers crew is also overdue for hosting another big concert. The only other major show in the stadium's four years was U2's unforgettable 360 Tour stop in 2011, which drew 58,000 fans and couldn't even be spoiled by a mid-concert rain soaking.

Let the game begin then – the guessing game for which big-name music act might be on the roster. Here are some semi-educated guesses:

PRINCE: He'd make for a great trifecta of local talent with Mauer and Perkins, and he's overdue for a big show here following last year's string of smaller dates. He doesn't seem to be much of a baseball fan (basketball and football are more his things), but Lord knows he's a fan of a good paycheck. This event would certainly offer that. Is he a little too frou-frou and out-there for baseball lovers' tastes, though?

GARTH BROOKS: The Stetson hat king is a little more like it in the MLB taste department, and this is supposedly going to be the year he finally returns to touring. His "Comeback Special" is booked later in July in Ireland, and the all-star date might make for a good warm-up (and build-up, publicity-wise).

PEARL JAM: They're baseball lovers. They're Middle American in flavor. And they are very overdue to play the Twin Cities (2006 was their last time here). However, they're booked on a U.K. tour until July 11, which might make it impossible to get back to Middle America in time for the gig.

BRUCE SPRINGSTEEN: The Boss and E Street are rolling on strong in 2014 following the recent release of his "High Hopes" album, and they're certainly a stadium-ready act organizers could take to the bank.

PAUL MCCARTNEY: Like Springsteen, the Twins have reportedly tried to get the Big Mac to play Target Field in prior summers. His 2014 tour plans are still in flux, with talk of international dates, but the all-star game might be a big enough anchor for him to swing our way.

KENNY CHESNEY: What, again?! He's already proven to be an all-star at filling stadiums two summers in a row at Target Field, so it's definitely a possibility.