Apparently I picked the wrong day to head on down to Target Field. Don't get me wrong, I still ate some scrumptious food, drank some expensive tap beer, and enjoyed a beautiful view of the Minneapolis skyline on a lovely May afternoon... but the game kinda' sucked.

As Brian Duensing struggled behind an offense unable to bring anyone around the horn, Wednesday marked the Twins 13th loss in 18 home games and a ridiculous 32nd overall. With just 16 wins on the season, they are now 14.5 games out of first in the American League Central, with the Cleveland Indians making everyone their you-know-what.

Here is a collection of reactions from disgruntled (anonymous) fans hurrying to their cars after yet another Twins loss:

"They suck."


"Our tickets were free from work, I wouldn't pay to see these guys right now!"

"They are a complete disaster."

"I'd rather watch the Lynx play from the nose-bleeds." (ouch)

"Shut up."

The question was, "How about those Twins?" Out of everyone I talked to, seriously, I felt like I was in New York, Detroit, Philly, or Chicago. I'm surprised no one punched me in the face. It was brutal.

One little girl did have something positive to say:

"The teddy bear hugged me and Dad gave me pink cotton candy!"

It's a good thing her long-term memory is so under-developed.

So now it's your turn... How about those Twins?