Nobody has the pulse of what you want to carry with your Nintendo Switch quite like Genki.

Earlier this year, the Japanese gaming accessories company solved one of the Switch’s key problems, a lack of Bluetooth, with a handy dongle that finally enabled you to pair your console with a pair of AirPods or Powerbeats Pros.

Now Genki is doing it again with the Covert Dock. As fantastic as the Switch is to take on-the-go, its dock isn’t exactly built for travel. It’s big and bulky and ungainly to pack. So yes, you can play your Switch on your cross-country flight, but once you reached your hotel or room, you’d still be stuck on the small screen.

That’s where Covert Dock comes in. Slightly larger than a standard AC adapter for any device, it plugs into any outlet. Connect it to your Switch with a USB-C cable, then attach an HDMI cord from dock to hook it up to your TV.

Sadly, the HDMI cable is not included, so you’ll need to pick up your own. And if there’s a major downside to the dock, that’s it right there: You’ll spend nearly $100 on this baby when all’s said and done. The dock itself is somewhat pricey at $75, and an HDMI cable, of course, isn’t cheap, either.

Still, get past that and the functionality of the dock is prime. Your Switch quickly recognizes it, and the power is optimized to your Switch, so you won’t have to worry about hurting your device. Visuals are capped at 1080p, but games still look terrific.

The Covert Dock can charge other USB-C-powered devices and display them on your TV, too. I tried a Samsung Galaxy Note, and was pleasantly surprised to see it show up on my TV. Ditto my Lenovo Yogabook, driven by a USB-C port. The translation to my TV took just seconds in both cases.

This multi-tasking talent pretty much means you can bring just one adapter with you and ditch plenty of other wires, especially when you consider that there’s an extra standard USB port on the Covert Dock, too. The one downside is power output: It’s optimized for the Switch, and it may not charge your laptop at quite the same rate. Minor quibbles, because this is still a terrific device.