A 21-year-old man accused of taking part in the robbery and killing of a man behind his St. Paul home has pleaded guilty to second-degree murder on the eve of his trial.

Arteze Kinerd, who was charged in the 2022 death of 22-year-old Alex Becker, also pleaded guilty Tuesday to kidnapping in a separate incident that took place weeks before Becker's death.

A bench trial for Kinerd had been scheduled for this week.

Ramsey County Attorney's Office spokesman Dennis Gerhardstein said Kinerd's plea calls for a sentence that is on the low end of state guidelines. Based on a presentencing investigation, Kinerd could serve from 21 to 30 years, depending on his criminal history, credit for time served and whether he remains in good standing after he is sentenced.

District Judge Nicole Starr will review that sentencing investigation before deciding Kinerd's fate on June 3.

Becker's mother, Tara Becker, wrote on social media that she disagrees with Kinerd's plea agreement and that his likely sentence will be too brief. She said she will "never be ok."

"I have no desire for punishment, rather my concerns are for public safety," Becker wrote. "I feel the offered sentence is too low and that Kinerd will continue to hurt people on his release from prison.

"I struggle every moment of every single day. My son was targeted for a robbery, ambushed, and murdered by strangers ... my son was a beautiful kind human being. While I believe no one deserves to be killed he deserved it least of all."

Becker was just yards from his home when, prosecutors say, Kinerd and two others robbed and shot him six times two days after Christmas. Security camera footage shows a black sedan drive past Becker and then sometime later, circle back. Kinerd, along with 19-year-old Detwan Allen and 26-year-old Shaun Travis, are believed to have gotten out of the car and followed Becker after he turned into the alley leading to his home.

Moments later, a camera down the street recorded the sound of gunshots and then the same sedan leaving the scene.

Travis was acquitted of aiding and abetting in Becker's murder after testifying that he was unaware of Kinerd and Allen's plans that night. Allen was found guilty of second-degree murder in December. He is scheduled to be sentenced April 26.

Correction: A previous version of this story incorrectly reported where Kinerd’s possible sentence falls on state guidelines following his guilty plea.