My query garnered all sorts of icicle photos from readers. Enjoy this icy gallery. At the top are new photos we got Saturday:

From Pam Willis in Bloomington

From Teresa Setterlund

From Kelly Keegan: "It's like an icicle pole!"

From Andy Harkus in North Minneapolis

This is the largest one I've seen. Sent from Michael Kuhlmann.

From Ed. He says icicles make people happy, unless they are part of an ice dam on your roof.

Sent by Seth Engelby

From Phil Brunson

From Tele Mackin

From a reader in Inver Grove Heights

Plymouth icicle, from Chad Shank

From Steve Duder in East St. Paul. He calls it 'the awesome."

"Twin Thors" from Michele Jennings

"Looking through the bridal veil" by Michele Jennings

Ice in Plymouth from Matt Engeriser

More ice from Matt Engeriser

From Tawn Eikel

Thank you for the submissions.