Indianapolis. They are a glamour team, with superstars like Peyton Manning, Reggie Wayne, and Dwight Freeney. They have already won a Super Bowl with a major part of this team still intact. They are fun to watch. And they are favored.

New Orleans. They are the Cinderella story. Never been there. Minnesota fans should be torn between cheering blankly for the NFC, cheering against the Saints because of two weeks ago, or making your decision based on your feelings about Hurricane Katrina and all that went down. The underdog.


Well this blogger is also torn. My head says Colts in a romp. They will not make the same mistakes the Vikings did, protect the ball better, and like Minnesota, be able to move almost at will. New Orleans' defense is below average, and that will not do in the biggest of playoff games.

My heart is semi-torn. I always like an underdog. I am still a little mad at New Orleans' seemingly fortuitous game with the referees. I also do not want them to win their first SB, thereby lowering us to an already lowish level with teams like the Detroit Lions, Seattle Seahawks, and friends. But the bigger part of the heart has to cheer for this team. They are not supposed to win, media seems to downplay their chances. They have never even been to this level. The town will party like it's 1999 if they win.


Heart: New Orleans 34 Indianapolis 27

Head: Indianapolis 41 New Orleans 20


Compromise: Indianapolis 34 New Orleans 27