To all the people who shouted about drought for three years, asking me to use my "fancy little Doppler" to make it rain, have you had enough? Oops. I think my Doppler may be stuck. Now I can't turn off the rain.

According to Dock and Lift's boss, Tim Latterner, Lake Minnetonka is up 2 feet from September. Lakes statewide are brimming with water. But will it hold?

NOAA's models show a turn to hotter, drier conditions by late May, and everything I'm looking at suggests a stinking hot summer. The National Interagency Fire Center says the "chance for significant fire potential still exists in areas with the combination of hot, dry, windy days and the spring dip in pine live fuel moistures." Enjoy the soggy spell — we all know how fast the weather can turn.

Friday should be a beautiful spring day with sunshine and a high near 70. Light showers Saturday give way to a spectacularly sunny Sunday. More heavy storms arrive by Monday night, with showers much of next week. After that we should dry out. In theory.