Vanessa Holste

26, senior merchandise specialist, promo planning

Seen at: Style Derby, a bike-oriented fashion show.

What are you wearing? Mossimo tuxedo jacket and tights from Target, dress from Cliché, shoes from Len Druskin.

What do you call your look? The love child of Betty Boop and a post-Labor Day Scott Seekins.

What's your favorite part of this outfit? The dress! I've wanted a flapper-style dress for the longest time, and I love how non-costume-y this one is.

If your outfit had a soundtrack, what would it be? Irving Berlin for the dress, Janelle Monae for the jacket, and Pink for the purse.

Favorite places to shop: H&M, Urban Outfitters, Target.

Tips for biking in heels? It's the same as doing anything in heels: Do it with confidence. You'll look great and be less likely to fall to the ground.