Each week, commenter RandBallsStu tracks down a former Minnesota sports figure so you don't have to do it. This usually works out pretty well. Stu?


The Hunt Down

Names: Juan Agosto, Kurt Walker and Pete Filson 
Claims to Fame, Minnesota: prior to Saturday’s Francisco Liriano trade, these three gentlemen were involved in the most recent transaction between the Minnesota Twins and Chicago White Sox. On April 30, 1986, the local nine sent Filson to the South Siders for Walker, and bought Agosto’s contract as well.
  • Pete Filson. The lefty spent the balance of his career with the Twins as a reliever and occasional starter from 1982-1986. If I recall correctly, he was the big prize in the Butch Wynegar trade with the Yankees.
  • Juan Agosto. Minnesota was a brief stop for the well-traveled Agosto, as he was released after the 1986 season, but not before recording the highest BABIP (Baseballs And Baseballs In Progress) in 25+ IP in major league history that season. [Note: Yes, we know that's not really what BABIP stands for].
  • Kurt Walker. Never made it out of the minors, topping out at AA Orlando for the Twins.
Claims to Fame, Everywhere Else: Filson, of all people, is shown throwing a pitch in Ken Burns’ Baseball documentary; Agosto had a 13-year MLB career and led the National League in appearances in 1990. 
Where They Are Now:  Agosto is in the Sarasota, Florida area; Filson, who did some coaching after his career ended, is a baseball camp instructor in Pennsylvania.  Walker is the assistant coach for your West Hills Community College Falcons of Coalinga, Calif.
Are Any Of Them On Twitter: unverified and no Tweets, but here’s Pete Filson, allegedly.
Glorious Randomness: Agosto’s Baseball Reference page is sponsored by “Juan Disgusto,” which was a nickname he acquired while with the White Sox. I don’t think this was meant as a compliment.