Commenter Stu writes every week about a Minnesota sports figure who otherwise might be forgotten. Stu? ------

The Huntdown Name: Radoslav Nesterovic Nickname: Rasho Claims to Fame, Minnesota: probably the most well-known and talented of the Timberwolves' many, many Eastern European projects, which is both praise and a terribly back-handed compliment; you'd be forgiven for thinking his full name was The Inconsistent Rasho Nesterovic. This 2003 passage from Britt Robson sums up the Slovenia native's Minnesota career perfectly: "terminally soft for a seven-footer, and his offense continues to wax and wane like the moon in the sky." That said, if medical science could have ever found a way to graft Rasho and Reggie Slater into an unstoppable, low-post killing machine, Kevin Garnett would have won a title in Minnesota. Claims to Fame, Everywhere Else: before being drafted by the Wolves in 1998, Nesterovic helped take character actor Virtus Bologna to the Euroleague crown. After walking away from a 7-year (!), $50 million-plus (!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!) offer from the Wolves, he signed with San Antonio and won an NBA title in 2004-05. He also put in time with the Raptors and Pacers. Why There Is an NBA Lockout: Radoslav Nesterovic turned down seven years and $50 million-plus GUARANTEED. Where They Are Now: he retired in September! How this didn't make the Strib's Page 2 is baffling, frankly. Per, he is now an advisor for the Slovenian national team. Is He on Twitter: not that I can tell. Glorious Randomness: as noted in the link above, Rasho will also be an ambassador for Eurobasket 2013, which is not to be confused with Eurobucket 2013, the continent's foremost celebration of advancements in bucket-and-pail technology and B-and-P awareness; Gundars Vetra's attendance is unconfirmed as this goes to press.