Stevie Nicks performing Aug. 24 at Mystic Lake Casino Amphitheater in the Twin Cities. / Star Tribune photo by CLAUDE PECK

Stevie Nicks, whose distinctive voice helped propel Fleetwood Mac into the pop-music record books, is still recording and touring at 63. Her fans caused a miles-long traffic jam Wednesday night near Mystic Lake Casino in the Twin Cities, where she and her tight 10-piece band performed at the new outdoors amphitheater.

After a sundown set by warmup act Michael Grimm, Nicks appeared onstage without much diva fanfare. The 5-foot-one pop star wore stacked black boots, chain-metal-fringed gloves, a crimson shawl over a black dress, her long blond hair catching the cool breeze. She opened her 14-song set with the uptempo hit "Stand Back" from her 1983 solo album "The Wild Heart."

The show would include hits from the huge catalog of Fleetwood Mac and her own solo discography, she assured the audience, but it would not be an oldies-only affair, because "I want to play some new songs for you from a new record that I believe in from the bottom of my heart."

Nicks performed the single "Secret Love" and the rocker "Ghosts Are Gone" from that 2011 CD, "In Your Dreams," as well as "Soldier's Angel," a stripped-down ballad that showed off her still-powerful voice. The new record, produced by Dave Stewart of the Eurythmics, is Nicks' 7th solo album, and her first in 10 years.

Uncharacteristically chatty and casual, Nicks introduced most of the songs on her list. She explained how "Soldier's Angel" was inspired by a visit to injured soldiers at Walter Reed hospital several years ago. And she sang "Annabel Lee," with lyrics "by Edgar Allan Poe, my favorite poet."

Nicks last night / Star Tribune photo by CLAUDE PECK

There was some grousing about the absence of alcohol at the concession tents lining the concert stage. "I was fantasizing about the Jack Daniels I was going to have here tonight," said one woman in the audience, perhaps thinking of the storied drugs-and-booze past of Nicks and her band members. "Oh well."

In a joking reference to her penchant for gypsies, magic, doves and crystals, Nicks quipped about the venue, saying, "Where would I rather be than Mystic Lake?"

Among memorable hits, Nicks performed "Dreams," the only number-one single by Fleetwood Mac, and also "Gold Dust Woman" from Rumours, and "Rhiannon," "Edge of Seventeen," "Leather and Lace" and the oft-covered "Landslide,"

Playing lead guitar was rock/session veteran Waddy Wachtel, Nicks' tour-band musical director.

Nicks gave the piano ballad "Love Is" a heartfelt rendition as the night's closing song.

Were you at the show? What did you think of Stevie's voice at age 63?

Stevie Nicks played these songs:
Stand Back, Secret Love (video below), Dreams, Moonlight (A Vampire's Dream), Gold Dust Woman, Soldier's Angel, Annabel Lee, For What It's Worth, Rhiannon, Landslide, Ghosts are Gone, Leather and Lace, Edge of Seventeen, and Love Is.