Stephen Colbert apparently thinks that his Time cover photo is just about the un-funniest image in the world — but he’s managing to get a lot of laughs out of it anyway.

The incoming “Late Show” host, who takes over the CBS program Sept. 8, has spent a good chunk of the past 24 hours mocking his own image.

The bulk of Colbert’s gibes seem to revolve around the fact that the ultra-serious expression on his face doesn’t adequately convey his well-documented sense of humor.

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“Hilarious!” the first post bearing the Time image read, along with the hashtag ” #ISwearItsAComedyShow.”

Later he added, “You can’t see it from my @Time cover photo, but I’m laughing from the neck down.”

A bit of self-deprecation followed, with Colbert tweeting, “I think the full name of the magazine is ‘The Ravages Of Time.'”

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Another image featured the cover with the eyes and nose torn out, with someone — presumably Colbert — wearing it.

“Halloween Idea: @Time Scary Drifter Mask,” the caption read.

Colbert also offered a math lesson on the cover, coughing up the equation, “Comedy plus @Time equals Tragedy.”

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He also tossed in a bit of oversharing with the revelation, “Full disclosure: in the rest of this @Time cover photo I’m doing naked tai-chi.”

Read some of Colbert’s tweets below.