Making too much of history can be, at times, as dangerous as failing to heed its warnings. Framed within the context of what Vikings GM Rick Spielman had to say about wide receiver Stefon Diggs on Tuesday, this provides a warning not to be to carried away about the past informing the future.

Yet still: Spielman's money quote, whereby he told reporters that "there's no reason to anticipate [Diggs] is not going to be a Minnesota Viking," is complicated by an immediate rebuttal.

Actually, there are many reasons to anticipate a possible trade involving Diggs. And one of them involves a chain of events that contained a very similar Spielman quote seven years ago and culminated in the trade of disgruntled wide receiver Percy Harvin.

It was mid-February 2013 when Spielman said, "We have no intent of trading Percy Harvin." Less than a month later, Spielman had in fact traded Harvin.

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