A St. Paul woman who allegedly targeted her next-door neighbor, making false calls to the fire department, flashing them and attaching a sex toy to their fence, was charged with violating a harassment restraining order and other disorderly conduct in Ramsey County District Court on Thursday.

Roberta A. Madison, 63, faces two gross misdemeanor charges (stalking with intent to injure and pursuing another person), and five other charges, including violating a harassment restraining order, indecent exposure and disorderly conduct.

Madison, who lives on the 800 block of Howell Street N., has a long and troubled history with her neighbor.

According to the charges, Madison continued to harass her neighbor after a restraining order was filed in January 2017. Madison allegedly yelled obscenities at the neighbor when the neighbor took her dog outside. The neighbor said she is afraid Madison may harm her dog, according to the criminal complaint.

Madison's neighbor moved next door in September 2016. Madison complained about the diseased trees in her neighbor's yard and said they needed to be removed. Madison called a tree-trimming company, "likely pretending to be the homeowner," charges said. Workers entered the property and began removing trees and didn't stop until another neighbor intervened. But, according to charges, a bill was sent to the actual homeowner.

Last summer, Madison called police to complain about her neighbor's guests and told the operator that "suspicious" people of a "different race" were coming and going, according to charges. She told the operator she suspected they might be running a sex operation or hauling out televisions, the complaint said. Neighbors witnessed Madison yelling racial slurs at the visitors and threatening to deport them, according to the complaint.

The situation grew worse in the fall when Madison allegedly began setting her car alarm off and yelling at her neighbor's friends during backyard bonfires. Last November, she attached a dildo to the top of the fence, according to the complaint. The neighbor called St. Paul police and was advised to file a restraining order.

That order alleged two false calls to the fire department in October and that debris (glass, charcoal buckets, pine needles and cones) was thrown into the yard, which the neighbor felt was a hazard to her dog.

After being served with the restraining order, Madison allegedly "mooned" her neighbor three times. Her neighbor captured the act through surveillance cameras she installed after moving in, the complaint said.

A warrant for Madison's arrest was filed on Thursday. A hearing for her ongoing civil dispute is scheduled for April 5. She did not immediately return a message seeking comment.

Madison pleaded guilty in 2010 to disorderly conduct after violating a restraining order, according to court documents. A neighbor who lived nearby for 12 years wrote in the restraining order request that Madison "had thrown feces at my house." The neighbor moved two blocks away, but said the harassment has continued, according to the complaint.

"She stalks me nearly every day. She has in the past charged at me with a rake. … Her behavior is highly erratic and terrifying," the 2014 restraining order read.

Trevor Squire is a University of Minnesota student on assignment for the Star Tribune.