Starts Saturday: Duluth-born photographer Wing Young Huie rarely meets a face he doesn't love to photograph. Kids, teens, oldsters, cowboys, dudes, librarians, collectors, teachers, even angels, as seen here. For the past several years he has roamed University Avenue, that six-mile strip of teeming humanity in St. Paul, taking portraits and snaps of pretty much everyone he encounters. He did the same with Lake Street in Minneapolis a few years ago and plans to treat the University Avenue photos just as he did the earlier pictures. Starting Saturday, hundreds of the photos will be displayed in restaurants, banks, groceries and other shops along University. He'll post a mural on the Gordon Parks High School at 1212 W. University Av., and copies of his book about the project will appear in Twin Cities bookstores. A celebration of the extraordinary lives and experiences to be found on the avenue, the project will grow and evolve over the next six months as he adds more pictures, murals and performances. Celebrate the place, the people and Huie, a Minnesota marvel. Saturday night he will project the entire show -- more than 450 images -- with a soundtrack by Twin Cities musicians. (8 p.m. Sat., free. 1433 W. University Av., St. Paul. On view through Oct. 31.