The emphasis in my columns about Adrian Peterson has been on his act — what I view to be an act of evil, or at least grotesque irresponsibility.

To be clear: That doesn't mean I'm suddenly in favor of NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell's management.

When the Ray Rice story broke, I called for Goodell to be fired. I still think he deserves to be fired. I think he has mismanaged an idiot-proof job. I think he's power-hungry and has watched too many tough-cop movies. If I were the NFLPA, or a member, I would find him very distasteful.

When I write that I like the results of his disciplining of Peterson, it's not because I agree with the process or the person ruling over it. I'm just fine with Peterson being used as an example that may cause some other NFL player, or U.S. citizen, to pause before beating his child.

I'm not defending Goodell. I still think he deserves to be fired, and should be replaced by someone savvier and smarter. I'm just OK with the results of this bizarre process.

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