The monster storm set to target the Northeast will also drop monster snowtotals. The storm will unleash over a foot of snow across the mountains ofnorthern New England and from central New York to northwestern New Jersey.All of this snow is expected to start on Thursday. The worst of the storm willrage Thursday afternoon into Friday morning. At that time, the snow will fallat a rate of 1 to 2 inches per hour where total of over 6 inches are expected.

Strong winds will severely blow and drift this heavily-falling snow, makingtravel nearly impossible.

Rain will spare eastern New England from substantial snowfall. The same cannotbe said from New York City to Washington, D.C., and over the centralAppalachians. Snow will create hazardous travel, especially the farther northalong this corridor you go. Blowing and drifting snow will also worsen thesituation.

Story by Senior Meteorologist Kristina Pydynowski