Robert De Niro and Ben Stiller made a surprise appearance in the politically charged cold open of “SNL,” playing Special Counsel Robert Mueller and Donald Trump’s lawyer, Michael Cohen, respectively.

The FBI this week raided offices belonging to Cohen, Trump’s lawyer who paid of Stormy Daniels, the porn director and actress who claims to have had an affair with Trump, as part of a non-disclosure agreement. Stiller’s Cohen found himself taking a lie detector test, administered by De Niro’s Mueller, and the pair rehashed a similar scene from their hit comedy, “Meet the Parents.”


At one point, Stiller’s Cohen noted he was trying to “milk people for information.”

“Milk?” Mueller asked.

“Yeah, you know, like a goat or a cow … or a cat,” Cohen replied, referencing a joke from “Meet the Parents.” “You know, you can milk anything with nipples.”

“I’ve got nipples, Mr. Cohen,” Mueller replied, completing the bit from the movie. “Can you milk me?”

More to come….

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