While the "Songs for Slim" series wrapped up beautifully with the two-disc compilation last fall, local musicians continue to record tributes to sidelined ex-Replacements guitarist Slim Dunlap via the Slim Town Singles program. The latest in the growing stockpile of lovingly rocking charity tracks dropped today and it's an especially, um, cool one.

Soul Asylum frontman Dave Pirner and his brother Paul of the 757s made their first recording together covering Slim's song "Cooler Then" with Fathom Lane guitarist Ben Glaros and 757s drummer Steve Sutherland. Billing themselves as the Happy Roosters – interpret however you will – the familiar names also enlisted a few familiar instruments during the main recording session Creation Audio on Nicollet Avenue with producer/engineer Tom Herbers, who also worked with Dunlap on the original.

Per Paul Pirner: "I'm playing Karl Mueller's bass, and Ben is playing Slim's mid-'60s Les Paul from his Replacements days."

You can sample the track below for $1 at the Slim Town Singles Bandcamp page, where prior tracks are available from the likes of Curtiss A, the Rank Strangers, Trailer Trash, Little Man, Gini Dodds, Dan Israel, Belfast Cowboys and Martin Devaney. Read more about the Happy Roosters collaboration and the ongoing series here. Dunlap is still paying steeply for home medical care after suffering a sever stroke more than two years ago.