Police are investigating an incident of burglary and criminal damage that occurred overnight Monday at Al Huda Daycare Center in Shakopee.

The center reported the theft of a large, undisclosed amount of cash and electronics. Shakopee police said several gallons of paint were poured inside the Town Square mall property, which damaged applicances. Police offering $1,000 for information leading to an arrest.

Although police have not classified the incident as a hate crime, the department noted that the daycare’s owners are predominantly Somali, as are its clients.

“We do not have any indication that the property was targeted for this reason,” police said in a statement published Tuesday. “However if additional information becomes available that suggests as such, we will update the Shakopee community.”

A white or silver vehicle was captured early Tuesday morning on surveillance video. Any suspect may have paint-splattered clothes or shoes.

Mary Hernandez, a cofounder of the city’s Diversity Alliance, said in a statement that she’s “saddened and outraged” by the incident. Hernandez is also a DFL Candidate for Minnesota House District 55A.

“This act in no way represents the attitudes of the people of Shakopee, a city that continues to grow and change as it becomes increasingly diverse,” she said.