After his standup gig at the State Theatre this month, Seth Meyers went with friends to Marin at the Chambers Hotel, where he was staying. Surprise! It was the site of a monthly “queer bomb” party.

Flip Phone, a Twin Cities LBGT events promotion company, announces the location of a straight bar 24 hours in advance and 200 or more of its followers show up. (Read the Star Tribune story about Queer Bomb from March.)

Meyers reported about his Minneapolis nightlife experience last week on NBC’s “Late Night with Seth Meyers. “It’s a lot more fun when the bar you go to is being queer bombed,” he explained. “I had the time of my life.”

Two guys asked him if he’d like a sticker to celebrate the night.

“One guy was totally normal and the other was holding a light-up saber,” Meyers said.

The talk-show host asked how many queer-bomb parties had taken place.

“I don’t know. I just hold up the light-up dildo,” the saber holder replied.

Said Meyers to his TV audience: “That’s how you know it’s queer bomb and not comic con.” 

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