A second man has been charged with allegedly instigating a fight outside of the State Fair last summer that left one victim brain-damaged and another battered and bruised.

Garrett Goskey, 22, of Little Canada, was charged by the St. Paul City Attorney's Office with one count of misdemeanor fifth-degree assault for his role in the Sept. 1 attack.

Goskey allegedly punched a 44-year-old victim and left him with a black eye, scrapes and a bump on his head.

Goskey's alleged accomplice, Gunner McClellan, 21, was charged in November with one count of felony first-degree assault. McClellan is accused of attacking Michael Donnelly and leaving him in critical condition with bleeding and swelling in his brain.

According to the complaint against Goskey: Donnelly, 49, and his two friends left the fair and were walking through a nearby neighborhood. They passed a group gathered outside a house when Goskey and McClellan yelled out names and threatened them with physical harm. The charge against McClellan alleges that both groups of men called each other a homophobic slur.

Donnelly's group continued walking but were followed by the alleged attackers.

Goskey allegedly punched one of Donnelly's friends about six times. McClellan allegedly punched Donnelly once in the face, sending him to the ground.

The alleged attackers fled. Three women who were at the same house as them and witnessed portions of the altercation spoke to police.

The charge against McClellan in November noted that Donnelly was still wearing a protective helmet at the time because portions of his skull that had been removed had not been replaced, and that he required "near constant care" and was unable to return to work.

McClellan was arrested and released pending a future hearing in his case. Goskey was charged via summons, meaning he was not arrested.