Saving wild rice on the St. Louis River

Officials and local groups work to re-establish wild rice in St. Louis River estuary near Duluth, Minnesota. The once-abundant grain is a popular food for the Canada Goose. 


A Canadian goose flew away after being startled by the canoes moving through the St. Louis River.
St. Louis River Alliance Executive Director Kris Eilers reached down to feel some growing stalks in a patch of wild rice, most of which was already eaten, in the river estuary.
A stalk of bloomed wild rice, left, and what Eilers believed to be a partially eaten stalk, right.
Wild Rice Monitor Katie Marsaa moved through a small bay filled with patches of wild rice in an estuary.
Marsaa gently paddled towards a flock of geese to scare them away and out of the estuary.
St. Louis River Alliance Program Director Tonia Kittelson left, Executive Director Kris Eilers and Wild Rice Monitor Robin Foro moved through the estuary looking for geese.
Wild Rice Monitors Robin Foro, left, and Katie Marsaa helped St. Louis River Alliance Program Director Tonia Kittelson take her canoe off her car before they set out on the estuary.