SAMSUNG Curved Screen LED Monitor


This will make you the envy of neighbors

It’s always nice to get surprised by a new gadget.

The Samsung 29-Inch Ultra-wide Curved Screen LED Monitor seems to be the most coveted piece of computer hardware in the building.

After asking if all employees are getting the monitors, co-workers ask the cost because they want one for their home computer.

So what is it about this monitor that makes it the object of such admiration?

First the S29E790C has an aspect ratio of 21:9, which is quite a bit wider than the usual 16:9 ratio of an ordinary widescreen monitor. We’ve all seen desks with two identical monitors placed side by side. The Samsung S29E790C is like having two monitors combined in one LCD panel.

In fact, there are multiple inputs on the back (two HDMI and one display port), and the output from two different computers can be shown on the screen at the same time.

You actually could have a Mac and a PC side by side on the same screen.

The resolution of the screen is 2560 by 1080 pixels.

The monitor is easily adjustable up and down and tilts up quite a bit. If you’d rather mount the monitor on an adjustable arm or on a wall, it has the standard VESA mounting points on the back.

Immersive is an accurate term for the S29E790C when sitting an arm’s length from the monitor.

The panel has a contrast ratio of 3000:1, which provided deep blacks and bright whites and nice colors.

With two built-in speakers that aren’t a home sound system but fine for casual listening, iTunes can be played at all times.

Plug in a laptop. The result is a big, bright and sharp output with deep black and whites and bright colors.

You can do picture-in-picture and split the panel between different inputs at the same time.

One con is that it has few legacy inputs, like DVI and VGA, but there are adapters.

But the beautiful display makes up for it. Everyone will be plotting to get their bosses to buy one for their desks.

Ending with a hint. Check Amazon and other retailers. In the last few weeks, the monitors have been on sale for hundreds less as seasonal specials.