Good morning. I'm about to head to Seattle for the day, and the Wild has the day off (only potential news is reassigning the Iowa guys temporarily to save a day's cap space).

This Sunday, I'm planning the first 2016-17 Russo's Rants Q and A for my Sunday Insider.

As a reminder, the way it works: You ask a question in the comment field of this blog, and I may pick it out and answer in my Sunday Insider.

The rules are simple: My Sunday Insider space each weekend is defined, not unlimited, so in order to answer as many questions as possible, I need short, snappy, easy-to-answer questions. I also reserve the right to edit or trim the questions for space.

Please also make the questions unique. Read what others are asking and come up with something different so we get as many subjects as possible.

Also, please don't use the comment field on this particular blog to comment on the Wild or questions. It'll just make it more difficult for me to go through and pick out questions.

You have until late morning Friday because I plan to write the column on my flight to Denver.

If you want, you can also ask your questions on the comment section of this blog link at

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Ready, set, go!