Lots of news from Timberwolves shootaround:

* Ricky Rubio says he will play tonight in Orlando, but not Tuesday in Miami against LeBron James and the Heat on the NBA as part of the team's plan not to play him on the second game of back-to-back situations here as he returns from knee surgery.

When asked if he's disappointed he won't play against the defending champs in an arena he didn't play in last year, Rubio said, "Yes, of course, but I have to follow the rules."

He said he was anxious to see how his knee would feel Sunday morning when he awoke after playing his first game and said it felt pretty good.

"Finally everything is back," he said.

Asked about having to watch that overtime because of his minutes limit, he said, "I kept asking give me an extra minute at least but they didn't want to. They did it right."

How long his minutes will be limited and how long he won't play in back-to-back games isn't certain right now.

"It's hard, and I told them it's going to be hard to keep doign that for a long time," he said. "I can accept for a couple days, but I just want to play as many minutes as I can...Let's see how I feel after 3 or 4 games with limited minutes and see if we can move forward."

* Kevin Love's bruised right thumb is better and he said he's feeling better after missing Saturday's game because he fell ill.

He will play tonight against the Magic.

* Brandon Roy said he hopes to practice with the team for the first time when it next practices -- probably Saturday after Thursday's Oklahoma City -- and said he's hopeful if his knee feels good that he'll be able to play shortly after that.

What exactly that means, he's not sure, but he's definitely eyeing a comeback sooner rather than later.

He said his knee feels good after arthroscopic last month and the "pinching" he felt in there is gone.

* Josh Howard is along on the trip, but he will not play either game in Florida because of that hyperextended knee he hurt Friday in New Orleans.