The trouble started Sunday afternoon, because of the ineptitude of the Twins and my lack of interest in a weekly PGA tournament played by two-man teams. I decided to take a nap, and it was so successful that it lasted until 8:30 p.m. This meant no chance of getting back to sleep at the usual midnight hour. I was Googlin' at 2 a.m., and I searched for "origins of the last name Reusse." This was what showed up:

"This unusual and interesting surname is of German origin, and is from an ethnic name for someone from Russia, derives from the German 'Reusse,' the Middle High German 'riusse,' Russian.

"This derives ultimately from the Scandinavian term meaning 'rower, oarsman,' the Russian state having been first established in the 9th Century by Norse settlers who rowed up the rivers from the Baltic."

Wait a minute here.

Rower? Oarsman? Does this mean that a Reusse is supposed to Row the Boat? Dang, I'm sorry to have started all this.