The second severe weather episode to strike the Plains in as many days willlikely leave a larger mark. And things may get really, really ugly.A powerful storm system in the southern Rockies will eject eastward Thursdaysetting up a potentially significant outbreak of severe storms in the lateafternoon and evening hours. Communities from southwestern Nebraska to WestTexas could see storms ignite before the evening rush, posing a threat tomillions of commuters throughout this region.

Unlike the previous day, the tornado threat on Thursday will besignificantly increased. This will go along with a larger threat for damagingwind gusts, large hail and torrential rainfall. The heavier rain may actuallybe a net positive for some in Texas, however, as a large portion of the statesis in the midst of a major drought.

Stay tuned to for additional details as this storm systemdevelops further. Make sure all preparations are in place in case any warningsare issued for your area when Thursday arrives.

Story by Meteorologist Randy Adkins.