Two and a half years after being repeatedly stabbed by a criminal he encountered, a Roseville police dog has been put down.

Major, officer John Jorgensen's 11-year-old canine partner, was euthanized at the University of Minnesota Veterinary Medical Center this week after battling multiple health complications.

The German shepherd survived battles with criminals on land and water, almost drowning once while chasing a suspect into a lake, said Roseville Lt. Lorne Rosand.

"John is just driven to catch bad guys and to have a partner in Major, both of them working together, it was a dynamic duo," Rosand said.

In November 2010, Major suffered a collapsed lung, damage to his spinal cord and other injuries when he was repeatedly stabbed by a suspect. He underwent several surgeries and ultimately lost the use of his hind legs.

In line with department policy, Jorgensen purchased Major from the department for $1 after it was determined he would not recover fully from his injuries. After retirement, Major spent the rest of his days with Jorgensen.

Major was awarded the Medal of Valor from the North Memorial Medical Center in Robbinsdale in November 2011.

Andrew Krammer