As the title of this blog indicates, this past week was one that'll be in my mind (unfortunately) for a while!  Memorial Day weekend, I was unable to get down to the Mississippi River due to the high water so I fished several lakes around the Metro and had a great success.

I was able to target bass both shallow and in the mid-depth ranges using a variety of soft plastics rigged on a Trokar hook and Lazer Sharp Tungsten weight.  These two components were key as I was able to get a solid hook up on the bass every time and despite the windy conditions at times, I could use a larger weight, yet still keep a small profile lure package.  Here is one of of my bass from opening weekend.

And now for the down hill fall.....on Tuesday when pre-fishing for the Big Bass Bonanza event on the Horseshoe Chain of Lakes, something hit my motor while driving and I was forced to cut my practice short.  Luckily we were able to use my partners boat for the tournament this weekend, but only having 3.5 hours of practice had me worried all week.

My partner and I did each have one area that we found in practice, so our plan was to fish those two areas exclusively.  This is what we did during the event, but do to changing conditions and not having any back up spots we were only able to muster 5 of a possible 8 fish for a total weight of 9.7 lb. 

In two weeks we head to Lake Minnewaska for the next BBB event and from hear on out, we have an uphill battle to move into the top ten for the year end TOC.

Congrats to the teams that did well at the Ickler Open on Horseshoe!  Here is some video from the event.