Practice for the Country on the River tournament went well for my brother and I, as we were able to put together several patterns on both pools 9 and 10. I primarily fished backwater lakes and sloughs that had clean vegetation and where the water was forcing the bass to pull out of an area. We started the day by fishing on pool 10 and had an ok limit very quickly and caught a lot of bass. I even caught two keeper bass on my Yo Zuri Sashimi Pencil topwater plug! After trying a few more spots on pool 10, I knew I needed to upgrade several of my fish, so we locked up to pool 9. Up on this pool, I was able to upgrade two of my bass to quality 3 lb. fish, but despite these upgrades our 5 fish limit ended up being 12.14 lb's. My main presentation for the day was tossing two different colors of Snag Proof Frogs, including the Ish's Phat Frog and Tournament Series Frog. Making long casts to cover the maximum amount of water was crucial to getting the maximum number of bites. I put the new Seaguar Kanzen Braided line (65 lb. test) to the test and it performed amazing. This braided line will turn many heads, as it is strong, but yet casts smooth and doesn't fade or fray like other braided lines. On Sunday, my partner and I had the 4th Big Bass Bonanza event of 2011, held on Green Lake, near Spicer, MN. The day started off very well, with both my partner and I each catching a 3 lb. fish. Throughout the day we caught a lot of bass, but were never able to get any additional 3 lb. bass. My lure of choice for the day was a jigworm fished on my 7' Wright & McGill Micro Guide Finesse Worm rod. Fishing a lite jig on this rod, gives you the sensitivity of a spinning rod, but the power of a bait casting rod! Our final weight for an 8 fish limit was 16.16 lb's and put us in 22nd place. Here is a look at the top three teams from the day. With one event left on the 21st on the Le Homme Dieu Chain, we have no chance of making the championship, so going for the win is our plan! This weekend I'll be fishing the annual Grant County Bass club 4-man open down on the Mississippi River and hope to get things figured out and have a fun weekend on the river again. With all the driving and long days on the water, I've been relying on a Strut & Rut Energy Shot to keep me energized and alert. What I like about this compared to other's on the market is that their is no crash after the natural ingredients wear off. Thanks again to everyone for their support; I've gotten a few e-mails and comments in person about this blog and my website.