Bluetooth headphones are easy to use

The Samsung Level U is the latest addition in the Level line of higher-end Bluetooth headphones.

The "around the neck" design is not new, even to Samsung, but the Level U is a bit different from other models.

The plastic body of the Level U houses the battery — which provides for 11 hours of music or talk — around the back of your neck, with the protruding arms tapering to a comfortable diameter. Each arm has a flexible urethane elbow-type joint so you can spread them apart as you put them on. The Level U feels balanced when it's around my neck.

The earpieces look much like those of Apple's latest earbud. They sit comfortably in your ear, but they don't make a seal. You're still able to hear outside sounds, which I like for safety.

Samsung includes three sets of ear gels, which work really well for keeping the Level U comfortably in your ear during exercise.

Inside each earpiece is a 12 mm speaker that gives clean sound without too much low end. The buttons for play/pause and volume are raised and easy to find and press.

The play/pause button also works to pick up or disconnect incoming calls. When the phone rings, the Level U gently vibrates to notify you of the call. Voice quality on phone calls is decent, but not impressive.

They are comfortable and easy to use for listening to music, and the price is right.




App makes editing videos simple

Cameo allows you to import your iOS videos, then edit, personalize and add music and share on popular social platforms.

What's great about it? Its lightning-quick video import tool, for one, then a library of free music, the ease of changing video orders, filters and some sample videos to learn from.

Some fans of Cameo's original app say they miss the social element that is gone with the new version. It also would be good to see more font choices and ways to place titles and captions on the screens. Those improvements would be worth some money.