Twitter follower Grumpus alerts me to a nugget buried deep in a Sports Business Daily report that is of interest to Vikings fans:

Sources said that the league is likely to schedule a Cowboys-Redskins matchup for Fox’s Thanksgiving Day game. Look for the league to cross-flex an NFC North rival to play the Lions on CBS, most likely the Vikings. The Lions’ only two home games against AFC opponents are unattractive TV matchups (Jacksonville and Tennessee). The Bears have played the past two Thanksgivings, and the Packers have played two of the past three, creating an opening for the Vikings.

The Vikings, who are 5-1 all-time on Thanksgiving, haven’t played on that holiday since 2000 — when they beat the Cowboys 27-15.

While that’s hardly ironclad, the reporting involves sources who appear to be pretty well in the know when it comes to TV. And as we all know, TV carries a lot of clout in the NFL these days.

The full NFL schedule should be released in April shortly before the draft.

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