Repairs on a number of major arteries in St. Paul that have been dubbed the "Terrible 20" begins today, and that could bring traffic delays and lane restrictions.

Parking will be restricted on 11 roads starting Monday when mill and overlay work commences. That means the current layer of pavement (the top 2 inches) of a street is removed by the grinding action of a large milling machine. After the top layer is removed, a new layer of pavement is put in its place. The process typically takes two to three days to complete, depending on the width of the roadway and traffic conditions.

Here is the list of street that will get attention today and through October.

  • Fairview Avenue from Shields to Summit Avenue
  • Grand Avenue: 35E to 7th Street
  • Hamline Avenue: University Avenue to Selby Avenue
  • Hamline Avenue: Portland Avenue to Grand Avenue
  • Hamline Avenue: St. Clair Avenue to Randolph Avenue
  • Johnson Parkway: Minnehaha Avenue to Interstate 94
  • Lafayette Road: 7th Street to Grove Street
  • Rice Street: The area of 12th Street and on 12th Street over to Wabasha/St. Peter Streets.
  • Wabasha Street from 6th to 7th Streets.
  • Wheelock Pkwy: Edgerton Street to Arcade Avenue

Work on these streets will start during the week of Sept. 22

  • Cretin Avenue from Interstate 94 to Marshall Avenue and from Summit Avenue to Ford Pkwy.
  • Eustis Street: Hwy. 280 exit ramp to I-94, including the area at Franklin Avenue
  • 11th Street from St. Peter to Jackson Streets.