The Comet Clothing Co., 6117 Blue Circle Dr., Minnetonka; filed June 12, 20-41592; Chap. 11; no schedules filed. Robert Truax, CEO.

Steven Ray Stone, as surety for MSS Properties, Fat Old Guy's Cafe & Catering, and Bridge Street Cafe, and Melissa Ann Stone, Montrose, Minn.; filed June 14, 20-41597; Chap. 7; no schedules filed.

Michael Joseph Colon, as surety for CMJ Management Corp. and Fantastic Sams Nos. 10024 and 7773, 11225 S. Utica Av., Bloomington; filed June 19, 20-41630; Chap. 7; assets, $864,029; liabilities, $705,328.

ST. Paul

Joseph Mark Jensen, as surety for Health Services Apple Valley Inc., Health Services Burnsville Inc. and Health Services Eagan Inc., and Catherine Elizabeth Jensen, 1320 Dresden Court, Eagan; filed June 14, 20-31603; Chap. 7; no schedules filed.