Rivard Cos. Inc., doing business as Central Wood Products, Rivard Contracting and Gronomics, 19801 Hwy. 65 NE., East Bethel; filed Nov. 16, 18-43603; Chap. 11; No schedules filed. Michael Rivard, CEO.

Patrick M. McNamara, as surety for Paperin Inc., Valued Patron Marketing Services LLC, Menuetta, A & B Sales, G & A Foods Inc. and MacBrook Blu Marketing Inc., 9230 11th Av. S., Bloomington; filed Nov. 16, 18-43609; Chap. 7; assets, $279,180; liabilities, $563,283.

St. Paul

Robert John Antonsen, as surety for Antonsen Construction Inc., and Melissa Elizabeth Antonsen, 303 Quentin Av. N., Lakeland; filed Nov. 16, 18-33591; Chap. 7; assets, $347,937; liabilities, $1,186,636.