Bieliebers, those youngsters who twist and shout every time they hear a Justin Bieber song, could learn a few lessons from the superfans of “Downton Abbey,” which returns Sunday for Season 5.

First and foremost: Relax. You can admire an artist and a show without making such a fuss. Try having a cup of tea, or at least a diet soda. Second, learn that true greatness comes in small doses. While pop stars seem to show up on Twitter and the tabloids every nanosecond, “Abbey” is primarily open for only two months a year, making even the changing of bedsheets a precious event.

And finally, challenge yourself. Knowing every lyric to “Baby” is not going to get you into Harvard. Let those who really love the British series show you the way by mastering this ultimate quiz. Those who fall short are required to go back and re-watch previous seasons, which come to think of it, is more reward than punishment.

1. What international tragedy occurred during the very first episode, triggering much of the drama to come?

2. Before playing Cora Crawley, Elizabeth McGovern earned an Oscar nomination for this 1982 film.

3. Which Emmy-winning actress reportedly turned down the role of Cora?

4. This Hollywood A-lister recently joined the “Abbey” cast for a video spoof to raise money for charity.

5. Who has written every episode of the show?

6. What is the real life name of Downton Abbey?

7. Which famous composer tried to purchase that castle to house his art collection?

8. How did Matthew Crawley’s first fiancée die?

9. How did Matthew die?

10. What is the name of the Earl of Grantham’s beloved dog?

11. Who is the only cast member to win an Emmy for the show?

12. Who is England’s king during the run of the show?

13. What was Tom Branson’s job on the estate before marrying Sybil?

14. Which staff member was a music hall performer?

15. Which veteran actor dressed in drag to play Maggie Smith on “Saturday Night Live”?

16. Which of the three Crawley daughters secretly asked the staff to teach her how to cook?

17. Who said, “Weekend?  What is a weekend?”

18. Which character underwent cataract surgery?

19. In the first season, a diplomat dies in Mary’s bed. What country was he from?

20. Mr. Bates and Lord Grantham fought together in which war?


1. The sinking of the Titanic

2. “Ragtime”

3. Gillian Anderson

4. George Clooney

5. Julian Fellowes

6. Highclere Castle

7. Andrew Lloyd Webber

8. Spanish influenza

9. Car accident

10. Isis

11. Maggie Smith

12. King George V (1910-36)

13. Chauffeur

14. Mr. Carson

15. Ian McKellen

16. Sybil

17. The Dowager Countess

18. Mrs. Patmore, the cook

19. Turkey

20. The Boer Wars



16-20 correct: Earl/countess

11-15: Butler/head housekeeper

6-10: Valet/lady’s maid

1-5: Footman/housemaid