...but it might help. Wednesday seems like as good a day as any to link up some fascinating articles from around Twins Territory. Enjoy.

Target Field looks to be the Eighth Wonder of the World. [Garrison Keillor]

It's like Freaky Friday for the White Sox and Twins. [Twinscentric]

There's no snooze on this O'-larm clock. [La Velle E. Neal]

Spring Training caption contest #1! [Twinkie Town]

Bill Smith's report card. [Twins Geek]

This picture just made my spring fever worse. [Twitpic]

Also, in case you missed Baseball Tonight's interview with Joe Mauer Tuesday night, he rocked a pretty sweet Minnesota Gophers cap while discussing his health, superstar status, the team's offseason moves, and how much of a talker Orlando Hudson is. [ESPN]

Speaking of Mauer and his lack of a contract extension, are you guys freaking out like (what seems to be) the rest of the baseball world? Is it more of a matter of when rather than if he and the Twins will get the deal done?.