Government experience isn’t necessarily the best indicator that a candidate is electable (Star Tribune Editorial Board endorsement of Republican Patti Anderson in the northeast suburbs, Oct. 31). In District 38B, Ami Wazlawik will bring a youthful enthusiasm to the Minnesota House, and will stand up for a woman’s right to choose, sensible gun laws and progressive health care reform. Patti Anderson, who worked under the Pawlenty administration, will just follow along with that same old conservative agenda. Does Minnesota really need more of that?

Mary Alice Divine, White Bear Lake


Longtime Champlin teacher, coach Bill Maresh should be my successor

Serving District 36A in the Minnesota House for the past six years, after many years as mayor of Champlin, has been one of the greatest honors of my life. Champlin and Coon Rapids are ready to lead Minnesota into the future with good, well-paying jobs, strong schools, and a tight-knit sense of community where everyone can succeed if they work hard and play by the rules.

This Tuesday, District 36A voters have a choice between two qualified candidates to next represent them at the State Capitol. Both are earnest, likable and no doubt have our communities’ best intentions in mind (Editorial Board endorsement of DFLer Zack Stephenson, Oct. 30).

With that said, I encourage voters to support Bill Maresh this Tuesday. Bill is a longtime teacher and wrestling coach at Champlin Park High School. If you, your child, or grandchild graduated from Champlin Park High School in the last 25 years, they likely had Bill as either a teacher or coach. I have no doubt that he would bring that same passion and energy for coaching to his job as our representative.

Bill’s blue-collar, real-world experience would be a valuable asset to the community. He will work hard to lower the costs of health care, protect family budgets, reduce your tax burden, eliminate wasteful spending and grow the local economy — providing good-paying jobs for folks in our area.

Having served our community as mayor and state representative for over a decade, I know that Bill Maresh is best suited to succeed me. His deep roots in our community and understanding of the issues facing everyday folks is something he will bring to St. Paul every day. Please be sure to vote for Bill this Tuesday.

State Rep. Mark Uglem, R-Champlin


Rep. Kathy Lohmer has record of results for Washington County

As a longtime resident and owner of a small business in her district, I know that state Rep. Kathy Lohmer has a proven track record of putting partisanship aside and doing what’s right for Stillwater, Oak Park Heights, and the surrounding areas. It’s unfortunate the Editorial Board completely ignored these accomplishments when making its endorsement in her race (favoring DFLer Shelly Christensen, Oct. 30).

Lohmer was the key player in helping create our new — and long overdue — St. Croix River Crossing. Her legislation eliminated the final local roadblocks in order to begin construction, and thanks to her efforts, we now have a beautiful, and much safer, bridge for our drivers.

Lohmer also authored a law providing assistance to the city of Stillwater to complete a project that will preserve and restore the riverbanks along the St. Croix River and maintain the recreational value of the trail system in that area. She also supported a plan that ensures 3M settlement funds will only be used in the east metro area in order to enhance the quality and sustainability of our drinking water.

And when it comes to local education funding, Lohmer has been a champion for our schools. Since she’s been in office, she has helped send nearly $1,700 per pupil in new funding to Stillwater schools alone.

To me, the goal of a state representative is someone who can represent everyone effectively, regardless of political affiliation. Kathy has done this time and time again as our state representative, always putting the needs of her community first.

The Editorial Board chose not to analyze Rep. Lohmer’s bipartisan record of accomplishments for our area. Hopefully local residents will, and once they do, I’m confident they will join me on Nov. 6 in helping return her to the House.

Joe Kohler, Stillwater