The DEETS. Minnesota's game vs. Iowa at Williams Arena tonight tips at 8 p.m. CT. Watch on Big Ten Network or listen live on 1500-a.m.

The READING. After coming home to an 0-4 conference hole, Minnesota is feeling a little more desperation. 

Preview here.

The BUZZ. How much urgency is Richard Pitino feeling? Enough to consider rocking the starting lineup, perhaps significantly. The coach hinted yesterday that he is mulling more than one change in the starting five. Who might we see more/ less of? Read more here.

The FILM. When the Gophers watched the film of Saturday's 62-57 loss at Michigan, Pitino did not feel the need to raise his voice. As the eight out-of-bounds passes -- according to the coach's count -- played out, he looked around the room. Players buried their faces; covered their eyes. No one needed to prod the obvious: it was probably Minnesota's sloppiest performances of the last two years. Minnesota had 17 turnovers in all. "I should have done the old burn-the-tape and not watched it," Pitino said. "Just because we had some turnovers that you couldn't explain ... I think it was just one of those nights with a lot of just silly, silly mistakes." 

The LAST TIME AROUND. Minnesota's win over then-No. 20 Iowa last season was a critical one for the Gophers, coming after three losses in four games and, although it didn't propel them to the NCAA tournament, it almost certainly helped solidify their No. 1-seeding in the NIT, which Minnesota eventually won. "It was a fun game to watch," Pitino said of the 95-89 win. "It was the anti-traditional -- as people claim our conference is -- Big Ten basketball [game]. It was a lot of fun, obviously it was more fun because we won. But I think more than anything we're in a little different state than we were last year. I don't remember what our record was going into that game. We need to get some confidence back certainly."

The QUOTE. Television cameras picked up Pitino, ahem, passionately having some words with assistant Ben Johnson at Michigan on Saturday. What caused the end-of-game dispute? The coach did not care to share. "That happens on every bench," he said. "Go to a Louisville game. Next question. This is high-level competitive stuff here."