Your double-take statistic of the day comes from's Mike Sando:

The Minnesota Vikings have selected 61 players since Rick Spielman took over their draft room in 2006. Eight of the 61 have earned Pro Bowl honors. The Green Bay Packers have drafted 87 players since Ted Thompson became their general manager in 2005. Seven of the 87 have become Pro Bowlers. That's 13 percent for Spielman and 8 percent for Thompson.

The larger context explains that Thompson nailing his pick of Aaron Rodgers in 2005, while Spielman missed on first-rounder Christian Ponder in 2011 accounts for a more accurate measure of their relative draft success or failure.

It should also be noted that making the Pro Bowl is only one measure of success. A team can still build nicely through the draft simply by adding solid starters and depth.

That said, those raw numbers are interesting -- even if by our count the Packers have chosen 85, not 87 players since 2005, and the Vikings have chosen 62 players, not 61, since 2006.

You can expect this will be referenced a lot in the coming weeks, months and years.