When compared to 2002-2010, this 2013 Twins season is a failure. When compared to the last couple years, it falls short of disaster. But whether you choose to contrast it with the better years of the Ron Gardenhire Era or damn it with faint praise because the Twins should win a handful more games this year than the past two, this much is undeniable: fans are not impressed, and rightfully so.


As such, the Twins were in no position to gouge the Target Field faithful in 2014, even with the All-Star game coming to town. And, well, in this area the Twins got one right.

The organization made a smart announcement Monday: season ticket prices will remain unchanged for the third consecutive season. The Twins also continued to try to undo a PR blunder from April, when they announced that select fans could pay $15 to gain access to the home team taking batting practice, then quickly retreated from that later in the same day amid a stream of negative feedback.

At the time, President Dave St. Peter said: "Our organization made a mistake. ... We’re looking at ways to add more access to batting practice, but I’m not sure charging incrementally is the way to go about that.”

On Monday, this announcement came: Season ticket holders and a guest will get exclusive access to extra BP at select Monday-Thursday home games.

As someone who enthusiastically attended as much BP as possible back in the day -- in hopes of getting a ball at a game, which has still never happened -- we like the idea of this free add-on.

The Twins have plenty of work to do in order to be competitive on the field again. That will be the thing that really wins back more and more fans. But given a chance to further alienate them, the organization in this case did the right thing.