The history of wagering with my friend Rocket goes back at least 25 years, when we each put up $5 — a decent sum of money back in our early teen years — on the 1991 World Series. I took the Braves, my favorite team. He took the Twins.

When I grudgingly paid up, it was a moment I wouldn't forget.

Fast-forward 25 years, and we have a new wager brewing. This one is a friendly one — no money involved, though we will likely think of something embarrassing that the loser has to do — involving the Timberwolves and the Wild.

The Vegas over-under win totals for both teams were similar (Wolves 41.5, Wild 43.5). I requested no points. I just took the Wolves, while Rocket took the Wild, straight up.

It wouldn't be shocking to see both teams' win totals in the mid-40s at the end of the year, with our precious friendly wager in the balance. I'll take the drama of 1991 with a different ending, please.

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