This is what the mountains around the High Desert valley looked like yesterday at my game club near Hesperia, CA I took Pride the English Pointer out for 90 minutes of work on a few released bobwhite quail. They are well fed and strong and sure feel like wild birds when they flush. We basically just release them and go find 'em. That way they are very alert! Enough to make an old guy blush when both barrels get burned and no feathers fly. Oh well.

The result was very satisfying-- wonderful quail meal in the offing! (I do love my old AyA XXV 12 bore double. These make fabulous ruffed grouse and woodcock guns too.)

The surprise guest was Digby, the mighty Dachshund that belongs to the club manager. He is a fierce hunter and determined retriever. The quail is about 1/4 his size. He even tries to drag pheasants in too. All heart!