"I've seen the previews, and it's nothing pretty," 93.6 NOW FM's midday host Danni Starr said of her scheduled appearances on "Bridezillas."

Many brides featured on the hit WE TV program only get one show. "But I got two episodes," Danni told me Thursday. "That's how crazy I was." Episodes, during which she'll be identified by her maiden name Danni Epps, air at 8 p.m. Sunday and next Sunday.

To the everlasting astonishment of those with a front row seat to the nine-day taping, Danni's husband, Marlon, who married her twice, is still with her. They married March 19 in Marlon's native St. Lucia and April 10 for her Minnesota family. "Bridezillas" filmed the Minnesota wedding planning and ceremony, which must not have been too traumatizing since they are expecting a baby in January.

Danni had never seen the hit WE show until a friend remarked, You should be a Bridezilla.

Normally those are fighting words but Danni assumed her naturally dramatic ways and job as a radio personality prompted the suggestion.

After checking clips on Youtube.com, "I said, 'No. These women are absolutely insane,'" she said.

She changed her mind when she realized the TV show pays its brides, although upon reflection not nearly enough, said Danni, who declined to provide figures.

Another thought also came to her: "I realized I was starting to push people away and be a little crazy. People at my job were like She's going out of control."

Miss Shannan Paul, 96.3 NOW's promotions director by day and a comedian by night who killed last weekend at Lilydale's Joke Joint Comedy Club, offered a succinct confirmation: "Uh-huh."

When Danni's mother, Kathy, became "mad at me I was like, 'Wow, this is really stressful. It does kind of turn you into a demon.' If it was going to turn me into a demon anyway, why not document it and get some money out of it and pay for these weddings?"

That demon turn was probably not a full circle for Miss Minnesota 2007, a cutie pie who's been getting away with being over the top a long time. (Sample her act in a May 2009 video from when the movie "Up" was being promoted.)

"Heh-heh," she laughed, "I do know the power of the dimples.

"[But] those cameras start rolling and you can't help but be overly dramatic and a little bit crazy. Not to mention that I'm surrounded by people like [radio colleague] B Wright. He'll push you to your limit. And I have five brothers. So dealing with them and these cameras. It was hell on Earth."

Danni has decided to own looking like a maniac on national TV. "Oh, I definitely do," she said, noting "I signed up for a show called 'Bridezillas.'"

'Rock Cats' kick around FOX 9

The Fox 9 studio was crawling with cool cats Wednesday.

"The Rock Cats," the feline faction of Circus Cats of Chicago, dropped by the station to promote five shows (two of which remain, if you're reading this Sunday) at Heart of the Beast Puppet and Mask Theatre.

They act like cats, when not performing, and watching their humans wrangle them after the show was amusing.

'The View' defends Bachmann

Whoopi Goldberg and Barbara Walters defended Congresswoman Michele Bachmann's makeup expenditures.

"Bachmann is taking heat over a Federal Elections Commission report that revealed that she spent $5,000 on hair and makeup after she launched her campaign [for president]," Goldberg said.

"I don't see anything wrong with that. As long as she didn't take the funds out of campaign. I mean, the woman wants to look good," said Walters.

"We would be talking about her like a dog [if she went outside without makeup]," said Goldberg. "We would be talking about, Oh, why doesn't she get some help?"

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