Gutenberg and the Huskies will take part in Monday’s historic first state tournament game played at U.S. Bank Stadium.

Q: Your second-half goal against Moorhead [in the quarterfinals] was a rocket. What did you see on that play?

A: I took a touch, saw the goal and thought about having one. Luckily that one went in.


Q: What allowed your team to prevent Moorhead from creating many scoring chances?

A: We have a defender named Michael Heiges who usually man-marks the other team’s best forward. He just locks them down, which doesn’t allow teams to possess the ball.


Q: Your team has shut out its last five opponents. What has worked so well defensively?

A: We’ve had the same back line the entire season, and they’ve really started to mesh well. They communicate nicely, keep the ball or clear it.


Q: You’ll see Stillwater at 8 a.m. Monday in the first state tournament game at U.S. Bank Stadium. How does it feel to be part of history?

A: I’m so excited. We got to play at the Metrodome the last year [2013] before they closed it down so our goal this season was to come back and play the first game at U.S. Bank.


Q: Have you been there for any events or will this be a first?

A: I actually went there for the first game, the AC Milan game against Chelsea in August. It was awesome to be there and see how big the stadium is.

David La Vaque