Anderson finished tied for sixth in the floor exercise and seventh in the all-around at the 2014 Class 2A meet. She has already posted an all-around score of 37.175 this season.


How long have you been a gymnast? I was 8 when I started and I’m 16 now, so eight years.

You also coach gymnastics. Where? I coach rec gymnastics at Woodbury. The girls are anywhere from 8 to 13.

Does it help being a competitor and a coach? Absolutely. There are girls I really connect with because I know where they’re coming from.

Why did you leave club gymnastics? I was at Twin City Twisters, which is a really great club. But I had some fractures in my back and some major wrist issues. I wasn’t able to do everything I wanted to do. I had surgery on my wrist and it’s great now, so I decided to go out for high school [gymnastics].

Do you like high school gymnastics? I love high school. It’s been a great transition for me, coming from club. I love how much of it is about the team.

Favorite event? The floor exercise. This year I’m working a roundoff back handspring double back.

What do you like best about gymnastics? I love competing. I love being able to go out and show everybody what I’ve been practicing. The adrenaline gets going and it’s just so much fun.

What’s the story behind your first name? When my mom was pregnant with me, someone brought her a clock with a bird on it. It was a wren and that’s what she named me.

If you weren’t a gymnast? Oh, I would be so fat. My mom says it keeps me out of trouble.